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Al-Rasheed 400/132/11kV GIS Substation / Baghdad /Iraq
Um Qasr 132/33/11 kV GIS Substation / Basra / Iraq
Rehabilitation of PS2 & PS4 Stations/Iraq:
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:::Um Qasr 132/33/11 kV GIS Substation / Basra / Iraq :::

Contract Ref.: W91GXY-06-C-0037
Contractor: Al-Noor Contracting Company Int. Ltd.
Beneficiary: VATECH Siemens / PCO.
Contract Cost: 1,024,813 USD
Duration: 6.5 months (July 2006- Jan. 2007)

Scope of Work:
The scope of work covers dismantling,modifications,supervision, quality assurance and quality control, erection,testing and commissioning of Um Qasr 132/33/11kV GIS Substation. The work involves but not limited to:


  • Old Energoinvest 132kV GIS switchgear.

  • Old 33kV and 11kV switchgears and associated equipment.

  • Control, protection and metering panels.

  • Switchyard and gantry equipment.

  • One of the auxiliary transformers.

  • Removal of 132kV, 33kV and 11kV power cables and accessories.

  • Removal of all LV power and control cables.

  • All auxiliary systems and components except for the main transformers and capacitor banks.

Rehabilitation / Servicing and Modifications:

  • Main power transformers, auxiliary transformers and capacitor banks.

  • Communications / RTU system.

  • Buildings civil works.


  • One full set of VATECH / Siemens 132kV GIS equipment consisting of 4 line bays, 3 transformer bays and one coupling bay with their
    associated local control cubicles and cables connections to the GIS.

  • Installation of Schneider and Siemens 33kV & 11kV metal clad cubicles with their associated AIS busbars.

  • Control, protection relays and metering panels.

  • AC / DC and auxiliary systems and panels.

  • 33kV & 11kV cable laying and terminations.

  • LV power and control cable laying and terminations.

Testing and Commissioning:

  • All individual systems.

  • Power transformers.

  • Communications / RTU system.

  • Overall substation testing and commissioning.


  • As built drawings and necessary documentations including operation and maintenance manuals.

  • Site training of Customer's personnel.

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